Kinetic Justice Amun’s message to Oakland (part 1 of 4)

…there will be no working here, period.”

This is the first in a series of eight short recordings made by co-founders of Free Alabama Movement while in solitary confinement. These were played over loudspeakers at various stops during the prison strike solidarity march in Oakland, Calif., on September 10, 2016.


We have to get away from piecemeal struggling and look at the entire picture of all of the struggles that are going on in this country…”


Peace and blessings, all. My name is Kinetic Justice Amun. I’m the co-founder of Free Alabama Movement, and we are currently engaged in a national work strike across the country of the United States to end prison slavery once and for all. Things are progressing to the point where it’s understood there will be no working here, period. As is basically almost the situation now as, like I said this is almost like Ground Zero of incidents and change in the State of Alabama. Right now they’re planning to bring the CERT team here to Holman to work overtime for the next week or two. They say they’re doing it because they’re short of staff, as an intimidation tactic to try to undermine the strike. But we’re well aware and prepared for that. So we’re in good shape here, as far as the collective thing, but internally we’re working towards building stronger bonds of solidarity between ourselves and different groups. We have to get away from piecemeal struggling and look at the entire picture of all of the struggles that are going on in this country, and bring them together up under one umbrella. We definitely appreciate their support and solidarity.


Prison Strike Update – Oakland 9/13/16

1. Arrestees from Saturday’s march in Oakland are out! No charges!
2. Hunger strike continues in Merced
3. Call for phone zap support from Free Ohio Movement


Arrestees from Saturday’s march in Oakland are out! No charges!

All three peeps that were snatch-n-grabbed by OPD in Oakland during Saturday’s solidarity march are OUT. All charges are dropped! The funds that were collected at the march’s end were given to the Bay Area Anti-Repression Crew’s bail fund. Whatever might not have been used will have reverted to their general bail fund cuz state. violence. never. ends.

Hunger strike continues inside and outside of Merced jails

Today is Day 4 without food for participating prisoners and supporters in Merced. From a supporter:

“The detainees are holding up so far. There are inmates at the John Latorraca Jail dorm #502 that called me yesterday stating staff would not accept their grievances

This is a dormitory singled out for extra repression. They have been arbitrarily racially segregated and classified (“Hispanic” in CA prison code and they’ve been summarily classified as gang members.) From their demands:

“We are requesting to be taken out of green and white stripes and placed in orange (Main Jail) and blue (John Latorraca Jail). Furthermore we want to be racially integrated. We are general population inmates yet we are segregated against our own will. When we go to court we are discriminated against due to wearing the striped jail issued uniforms by the court (Judges, bailiffs, etc.) in efforts to villainize us throughout court proceedings.”

Their full demands and statement of grievances can be found here on the Live Free Merced fb page:

Stay tuned for any solidarity or support requests.

Call for phone zap support from Free Ohio Movement

“…HUNGER STRIKE IN FULL EFFECT at LUCASVILLE AND OHIO STATE PENITENTIARY The Free Ohio Movement, (an abolitionist and freedom movement, whose mission is to speak truth to power, advocate and defend the Human and Unalienable Rights of our Confined Citizens and to offer support to their family and friends) received several calls today from Lucasville and the Ohio State Penitentiary on September 12, 2016, 3 days after the National Strike against Prison Slavery.

Hunger Strikes are underway at both prisons in protest of inhumane conditions, unsafe working conditions, revocation of privileges without provocation and because their rights of redress are being ignored.

In retaliation for their stand with the National Strike to End Prison Slavery, held on September 9, 2016, the administrators are removing our Confined Citizens from their work details and threatening to take away their Contact Visits. We need action on this right away.

We were afraid this might happen. September 9, 2016 was a peaceful non violent protest. We at the Freedom Movement stand with all Confined Citizens in the state of Ohio, in their struggle to be treated humanely and with dignity and respect.

Please call, email, fax and mail your letters of solidarity to the following administrators at the Ohio Department of Corrections. Let them know the entire state, nation and world is watching and that we demand there be no harm brought against our Brothers & Sisters behind bars, and that their jobs, food, amenities, rights and privileges not be tampered with, nor altered. United We Stand, in our demands for Human and Unalienable Rights! We Thank You for your Support!

ODRC Contact Information

Gary Mohr, Ohio Department of Corrections Director 614-752-1150 Email: Phone Number: 614-387-0588

Mailing Address: 770 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43222 Fax Number: 614-752-1171

David Bobby, OSP Warden Phone: 330-742-0700 Fax 330-743-0841 Mailing Address: 878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Scott Nowak, OSP Correctional Program Specialist Email Scott.Nowak@ODRC.STATE.OH.U-S Phone Number 330-743-0700 Extension 2437

Ronald Erdos Warden Southern Ohio Correctional Facility Phone: 740-259-5544 Fax: 740-2529-2282 Email: & Mailing Address: P.O. Box 45699, Lucasville, Ohio 45699

DONATE to the Free Ohio Movement @…/the-people-s-freedom-movement


Contact Oakland IWOC:
Oakland IWOC
PO Box 6305
Oakland, CA 94612

Prison Strike Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Prisoners call for nationwide strike on the 45th anniversary of the Attica Uprising

Oakland groups march and rally in support of national prisoner work strike

Sept 9th Oakland, CA – On the 45th anniversary of the Attica Uprising, the most notorious prison rebellion in US history, prisoners across the country have resolved to take on the prison industrial complex again through a massive work stoppage. From the original call from the prisoners:

“To every prisoner in every state and federal institution across this land, we call on you to stop being a slave, to let the crops rot in the plantation fields, to go on strike and cease reproducing the institutions of your confinement.”

Prisoners, the initiators of the call, point to the fact that slavery has never ended in this country and is enumerated in the 13th amendment which states: “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime..” Supporters and prisoners point to the large number of corporations and states raking in huge profits, through state and federal prisons, by paying prisoners cents per hours of work. Companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Walmart, Starbucks, McDonalds and many others. 

Actions are planned in over 50 cities across the US in solidarity with the prisoner’s strike. A large coalition of groups have joined together in this support effort such as: the National Lawyers Guild, Anarchist Black Cross chapters, the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, Free Alabama Movement, Free Ohio Movement, Free Virgina Movement and many more. 

The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is a part of the Industrial Workers of the World. Currently, over 800 prisoners are members of IWOC spread across 36 states. 

“Slavery is alive and well in this country. Sanctioned and administered by the state. It’s in the best interests of all workers to end prison slavery and we intend on hitting the streets in a loud, powerful way to show these prisoners they are not alone in their fight” said Cole Dorsey from Oakland IWOC. 

Oakland IWOC is planning multiple events locally to support the nationwide strike. 

Friday, Sept 9 6pm there will be a movie showing, banner making, and discussion at Mosswood Park. 

Saturday, Sept 10 1pm there will be a large gathering at Latham Square in downtown Oakland. Strike supporters will visit and protest at some of the  corporations located downtown that are benefiting from prison labor. 

The Industrial Workers of the World is an over 100 year old labor union founded by women and immigrants. Gaining notoriety in recent years with organizing drives at Starbucks and Jimmy Johns the IWW is the only labor union in the world actively organizing and supporting prisoners. 

Sept. 10, Prison Rebels, We Are With You!: Rally and March in Solidarity with Prison Strike


Saturday, September 10, 1:00 PM
Latham Square, Oakland, California 94612

ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th, people across Oakland, the Bay Area, and Northern California will converge in Downtown Oakland and rally and march in solidarity with the US-wide prison work strike against prison slavery.

Slavery is legal in America. Written into the 13th Admendment, it is legal to work someone that is incarcerated for free or almost free. Since the civil war, tens of millions of people most arrested for non-violent offenses, have been used as slaves for the sake of generating massive profits for multi-national corporations and the US government. Today, prison labor is a multi-billion dollar industry which helps generate enormous weath for key industries such as fossil fuels, fast food, telecommunications, technology, the US military, and everyday house hold products.

The strike, which starts officially on September 9th, the 45th anniversary of the Attica Uprising, is historic. The strike is being led by groups such as the Free Alabama Movement, Free Texas Movement, Free Ohio Movement, Free Virginia Movement, Free Mississippi Movement, and many more. Prisoners have asked that supporters hold noise demonstrations outside jails and prisons, protest, disrupt, and demonstrate outside of corporations that profit from prison labor, and also support the strike that is happening across the US.

This is not just a prison strike for better wages or conditions, it is a strike against white supremacy itself.

Bring banners, signs, noise makers, friends, co-workers, neighbors, family members, and more! Gather at Latham Square next to OGP (Broadway and Telegraph Ave), 1pm. Also, be sure to join us the day before at our BBQ which will feature banner making, a film showing, and open discussion about the strike. See more info on that here:


Contact Oakland IWOC:


Oakland IWOC
PO Box 6305
Oakland, CA 94612

More info:

Strike Against Prison Slavery:

Let the Cops Rot in the Field:

Incarcerated Workers Take the Lead:

End Prison Slavery:


Sept. 9, Prison Strike Begins: BBQ, Banner Making, and Film Showing


Friday, September 9, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Mosswood Park, Oakland, California 94609 (look for us by the amphitheater)

On Friday, September 9th, on the 45th anniversary of the Attica Uprising in New York, prisoners are calling for a general strike across all prisons in the United States against prison slavery.

Oakland IWOC and our friends are planning a mass action and march on Saturday, September 10th, but before hand we want to create a space where those new to the campaign can come and learn more about is happening, and everyone involved in the mobilization can work on making banners and signs.

Join us on Friday, September 9th at Mosswood Park (look for us by the amphitheater) for a BBQ, banner and sign making party, open discussion on the strike and the mobilization on the 10th, and also watch a film about the Attica Prison Uprising.

As the initial call out for the strike stated:

“Slavery is alive and well in the prison system, but by the end of this year, it won’t be anymore. This is a call to end slavery in America. This call goes directly to the slaves themselves. We are not making demands or requests of our captors, we are calling ourselves to action. To every prisoner in every state and federal institution across this land, we call on you to stop being a slave, to let the crops rot in the plantation fields, to go on strike and cease reproducing the institutions of your confinement.

This is a call for a nation-wide prisoner work stoppage to end prison slavery, starting on September 9th, 2016. They cannot run these facilities without us.”

This is not only a strike against bad conditions, for the changing of rules around things like parole, and to actually be paid for their labor which makes billions for multi-national corporations, but against white supremacy itself.

When the 13th Amendment was passed in 1865, it in theory banned slavery, except in the form of imprisonment. After the civil war, many former slaves were forced into becoming indentured share croppers, others were imprisoned for minor offenses and were forced to work for free in the fields. Over the decades, corporations and governments continued to look towards prisons as a major source for free and cheap labor. Today, prison labor is a huge money making industry that fuels the fossil fuel and energy, fast food, banking, and other industries that makes billions of dollars of profit each year off the backs of those enslaved in prison.

Fore more information, check out:

Contact Oakland IWOC:


Oakland IWOC
PO Box 6305
Oakland, CA 94612


Incarcerated Worker Newsletter #4

Incarcerated Worker 4 masthead

AVAILABLE NOW: Incarcerated Worker Newsletter
Issue 4, Summer 2016 (printable version)

This printable version is set up to print on two sides of several sheets of paper. Print head to head, flip on the short edge of the paper, fold in half to form a booklet.

Getting copies of literature to prisoners can help them connect with this growing prisoner-led movement.